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We feel that our organic herbs and vegetables are more flavorful and more healthful than those sold in stores. Our products are perfect for both home cooking and restaurant use.

Herbs by Diane
Fresh52 Farmers Market @ 9480 S. Eastern Avenue in Henderson, every Sunday 8:30 am until 1pm
Every Friday and Saturday shop at our gardens in Boulder City, Nevada.
1506 San Felipe Drive, 8am until 1pm.
Email us to be added to our weekly list of products available.


Restaurant Delivery - We deliver twice a week

What we grow


Basil – cinnamon, dark opal, lemon, sweet, Thai

Bay leaves

Calendula petals


Chamomile flowers



Chives – garlic, onion

Edible flowers


Lavender flowers

Lemon balm


Mint – apple, English, lemon, orange, peppermint, pineapple

Nasturtium flowers

Oregano – Greek, Italian

Parsley – curly, Italian

Rose petals


Sage - Berggarden, golden, purple

Shiso / Perilla

Thyme – English, French, Lemon

Lemon Verbena



Pea shoots - fall, winter, spring

Radish greens - year round

Sunflower greens - year round

Specialty micros - varies



Almonds - summer

Beans – spring and fall

Cucumbers – summer

Edible flowers - year round

Garlic – April / June

Greens – spring and fall

Micro greens – year round

Peas (sugar snap and English) – spring

Pea shoots – spring, fall & winter

Pecans – January

Peppers - summer

Squash - summer

Sunflower greens – year round

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